What is the runtime of Nelumbox in the cold chain required temperature ranges 2 – 8°C / 35,6°F – 46,4°F and 15 – 25°C / 59°F – 77°F?

Active cooling becomes more important in cold chain logistics

What is the runtime of Nelumbox in the cold chain required temperature ranges 2 – 8°C / 35,6°F – 46,4°F and 15 – 25°C / 59°F – 77°F?

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Depending on several external factors, such as the ambient temperature, Nelumbox can reliably cool between 6 and up to 24 hours on one charge.

Essentially Nelumbox has a potential infinite runtime. Because of its conventional power connection, Nelumbox can run stationary as long as it is connected to any external power source. In mobile use, swapping the two exchangeable batteries makes it possible to also extend the runtime for good. On top of that, carrying a base station for the batteries enables external charging of the batteries in the hotel room, while carrying the Nelumbox with you throughout the day. In addition, Nelumbox can also be charged through a cigarette lighter plug in your car or any other vehicle equipped with it.

These are the most impactful factors influencing the runtime of Nelumbox:

  • Nelumbox runtime is dependent on the outside temperature. While the runtime on room temperature (18°C – 23°C / 64,4°F – 77°F) is up to 24 hours at 2-8°C (36-46°F) inner temperature, the runtime halves at a temperature of 35°C / 95°F and more.
  • When the outside temperature falls below 0°C / 32°F Nelumbox must heat. At 0°C the runtime at 2-8°C comes close to 30 hours.
  • For a detailed ISTA 7D/E profile, please contact us at keepcool@tec4med.com


Here are some handy tricks to easily extend the runtime of Nelumbox:

  • Before transporting and while cooling down to the desired temperature range, Nelumbox should be kept connected to the grid. Reaching the desired temperature of 2 – 8°C / 35,6°F – 46,4°F starting from room temperature needs a lot of energy, therefore cooling down on battery should be avoided.
  • Extreme variations of temperature while Nelumbox is running on battery should be avoided. The compensation of temperature change, especially from cold to hot temperatures needs a lot of energy.
  • If you must open Nelumbox while transporting, make sure it is standing up, so you can open the door vertically to the top. This way the cold air is not “falling out” of the cold chamber and the energy costs for cooling are reduced significantly.
  • The ventilation and exhaust air must have enough space to work properly, otherwise the cost of energy will rise considerably. 5 – 10cm / 2 – 4 Inches should be enough.


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