Can Nelumbox be used mobile?

Can Nelumbox be used mobile?

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Nelumbox can also be fully used on battery while traveling by car, plane, ship or by foot. In case of shipping pharmaceuticals through couriers, you can follow your shipment via Nelumbox Clouds remote access.

While using Nelumbox mobile you can easily switch between your predefined temperature ranges with a combination of key sequences. Therefore, you can switch between cold chain relevant temperature ranges of  2°C – 8°C / 35,6°F – 46,4°F and 15°C – 25°C / 59°F – 77°F or 37°C. The same functionalities can be changed, edited or blocked via the Nelumbox Cloud.

Furthermore, with a push of a button you are able to manually switch the Nelumbox into flight mode if you are travelling via plane.
As long as you are travelling by plane Nelumbox keeps documenting all relevant parameters such as temperature, humidity, shock, location and access. After switching off flight mode the internally stored information are send to the cloud to ensure a complete documentation even while travelling by plane.

Nelumboxes run time is dependent on different factors, one of which is the outer temperature. You can find some easy tricks on how to extend the run time and use your Nelumbox more efficient here.

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