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Active cooling for temperature-sensitive medication




Active cooler for couriers


We keep cool.



Nelumbox is the first smart cooling device for temperature-sensitiv  medication and samples.


Nelumbox is actively tempering at various ranges (2-8°C/15-25°C/37°C) and tracks all data in our cloud solution.


Nelumbox is a cooling device for both mobile and stationary use and prolongs the GDP to the patient. 



Simple. Smart. Secure.


Can Nelumbox be used mobile?
12 December, 2018no responses
Nelumbox can also be fully used on battery while traveling by car, plane, ship o
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How do I protect my cold chain required pharmaceuticals against unauthorized access of third parties?
28 November, 2018no responses
With Nelumbox the protection of your cold chain required pharmaceuticals becomes
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Active cooling becomes more important in cold chain logistics
What is the runtime of Nelumbox in the cold chain required temperature ranges 2 – 8°C / 35,6°F – 46,4°F and 15 – 25°C / 59°F – 77°F?
14 November, 2018no responses
Depending on several external factors, such as the ambient temperature, Nelumbox
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